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While services can be provided by most, our differentiator lies in our ability to relate the customers’ business needs to the technology solution that best suits them.


Software Solutions

Dataintics has years of experience, proven track records and excellent resources who can develop products and solutions using opensource and licensed software based on the clients' solution requirements.

Dataintics consultants help customers  succeed  based on it's ability to understand customers’ business, process, people, technology, vision, pain points and needs. The in-depth knowledge and quick learning skills of consultants at Dataintics enable them to understand customers' requirements and envision a strategy that enables them to architect, design and develop software solutions that fulfil customers’ business needs.

Data Science

We  offer a complete data science consulting services and solutions that will give organisations insight into their business and unlock the potential value hidden under their data. We analyse data using the following to find the insights that will enhance your business outcome.

  • Statistical modelling,

  • Cutting edge algorithms,

  • Predicting,

  • Text mining and

  • Machine learning

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